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Puppy Pre  School

Why Puppy Pre School?
Puppy Pre School is good start for owners to begin training their new puppies. When you first bring your puppy home, your puppy is going through a very important learning period in their lives. If you can start your puppy on the right track it will help with behavioural and socialisation issues which may arise in your puppy’s future. 


What is covered?
Each course consists of 4 one-hour per week classes. They are conducted over a four week period.  Owners will learn positive reinforcement methods for training their puppy as well as an overview of socialisation, general health care, nutrition and more. Each course will also dedicate time to covering any individual problems and questions from owners.


Requirements for Puppy School

  • Puppies must be from 8 to 16 weeks of age

  • Must have their first vaccination (vaccination card required at first class)

  • Bookings are essential

  • Classes run for 4 weeks

  • Feel free to bring your whole family, children are more than welcome to attend


Want to know more?
P: (03) 5623 4849


Wednesday nights

5pm - 6pm

$100 for 4 weeks

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