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Welcome to Baw Baw Paws!

We're your animals family doctor.

From wellness exams and comprehensive medical investigations, to dental cleaning, x-rays and surgery, the team at Baw Baw Paws is here to help ensure the lifetime health and happiness of the animals you love.

Caring for life's greatest companions

At Baw Baw Paws, we're animal people too. We understand the importance of your morning snuggles and the tail-wagging excitement when you come through the door, even if you're only gone for five minutes. Your animals are always there for you, so we are always here for them.

We understand the impact that caring for animals has on pet parents. The human-animal bond creates a unique relationship that is everlasting and unlike any other. Caring for animals can ease loneliness, reduce stress and anxiety, promote social interaction, and encourage exercise. Animals are non-judgmental, loyal and trustworthy. They provide unconditional love and affection as well as social and emotional support. No matter your circumstances, animals can provide a deep sense of comfort. For families dealing with hardship or are just getting by, the importance of this bond can be even more critical to their overall well-being. Animals are a cherished member of many families, and can potentially be one’s only family.


The importance of animals is part of who we are at Baw Baw Paws. 

The importance of our furry friend's

Image by Kim Green
Image by Erik-Jan Leusink
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